"How did Bellamew make her eyes so alive?"
~ Queen Bitterblue

Vital Statistics
Full Name Bellamew
Family Hava - daughter

Holt - brother

Age Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Height Tall
Status Dead
Grace N/A
Weapon/Skill N/A
Allegiance King Leck (formerly)
Appears Mentioned in Bitterblue
Bellamew was a sculptor, King Leck's special favourite, who created stunning statues and was later killed by Leck. She was the sister of Holt and mother of Hava.

Bitterblue Edit

Leck raped Bellamew and she bore a daughter, Hava. Bellamew managed to keep Hava's existence a secret from Leck, despite Leck's Grace, largely because Hava was Graced with disguise. Leck suspected she was hiding something, and when he discovered Hava, he killed Bellamew. Bellamew created a sculpture of Bitterblue turning into a castle, which is reflected in Bitterblue's conversation with Fire toward the end of Bitterblue.

Bellamew was very talented, Bitterblue often expressed respect and admiration for her sculptures. When she saw the statue of her mother, Queen Ashen, she thought that "the sculpture didn't just look, but felt like Ashen.". The statue also made it certain that Ashen and Bellamew knew each other pretty well.

Appearance Edit

She was broad-shouldered, tall and had kind eyes, according to Bitterblue in her conversation with Po.