Vital Statistics
Full Name Brigandell
Family Hanna (daughter)

Nash (half-brother)

Garan (adopted brother)

Clara (adopted sister)

Brocker (father)

Roen (mother)

Fire (wife)

Rose (deceased first love)

Archer (half-brother)

Age 22
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Very Light Grey
Height average
Status Alive
Grace None
Weapon/Skill Broad sword
Allegiance The Dells, Hanna, Fire, Queen Roen, King Nash, Garan, Clara, Big, Small
Appears Fire (appears)

Bitterblue (mentioned)

Brigan is the commander of the Dells army and the half-brother of King Nash. He is well-respected among his soldiers and treats them well. He has a six-year-old daughter, Hanna.

When Brigan first meets Fire, he dislikes her but warms up to her when he sees her crying with her horse. His feelings toward her change to love. Oftentimes, he must leave Fire to lead his army, causing strife between the two. However, they manage to stay with each other in thoughts and in hearts when they are far away. After the war, he and Fire marry.