Graceling or Monster?



Tall, with an ample figure and brown hair


Nax (father)
Roen (step-mother)
Garan (twin brother)
Nash (half-brother)
Brigan (brother, non-biological)
Hanna (niece)
Aran (son)

Love Interest(s)




Clara is the twin sister of Garan, and the illegitimate daughter of King Nax. She and her brother are the spymasters of the Dells.

 Character Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Clara is described as a tall woman, with a handsome and ample figure and bouncy brown hair.

Personality Edit

Clara is bright and friendly, as seen when she first greeted Fire. She has an open personality, and although she seems frivolous and shallow, she can be quite serious. Fire describes her as "shrewd and serious" in Garan's presence.


Clara greets Brigan and Fire when they arrive at the palace, laughing as she hugs Brigan. She surprises Fire by telling her she is "more stunning even than Cansrel", before sending Brigan off to find Hanna. Clara acts as a tour guide to Fire, bringing her to her rooms. She is there when Nash bursts into the room and protests his treatment of Fire. Brigan tells Fire she can trust Clara.

Clara takes Fire on a tour of the palace; her mentions of Cansrel continue to surprise Fire. She introduces Fire to her brother, Garan; in his presence, she becomes more serious. She later takes Fire sightseeing around the city, introducing her to her mother and stepfather, all the while attempting to convince Fire to help.

She begins a sexual relationship with Archer, but ends it out of loyalty to Fire. However, she reveals to Fire that she is pregnant with Archer's baby. Clara and the other royal siblings, as well as Fire, prepare for the upcoming gala. When Archer reveals the truth of Cansrel's death, she hits Archer, presumably in Fire's defence.