Vital Statistics
Full Name Hannadell
Family Brigan (father)
Rose (biological mother)
Fire (step-mother)
Nash (uncle)
Garan (uncle)
Clara (aunt)
Roen (grandmother)
Brocker (grandfather)
Nax (adopted grandfather)
Age 6(Fire)

55 (Bitterblue)

Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark
Height N/A
Status Alive
Grace None
Weapon/Skill None
Allegiance Dellian
Appears Fire
Bitterblue (mentioned)

Hanna is the six-year-old daughter of Prince Brigan and stable worker named Rose. She is very close with her father and is portrayed as a tomboy who is unenthusiastic about school. She became the step-daughter of Lady Fire.

In Bitterblue Edit

It was stated by Prince Po that Hanna now commands the Dellian Army.