King Ror
King Ror
King of Lienid
Vital Statistics
Full Name King Ror
Family Queen Zinnober - wife

Prince Po - son

Prince Skye - son

Prince Silvern - son

Queen Ashen - sister

Queen Bitterblue - niece

Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light
Height Unknown
Status Alive
Grace None
Weapon/Skill Unknown
Allegiance Kingdom of Lienid
Appears Graceling


King Ror is the father of Po, Prince Skye, Prince Silvern and four other sons. He is the king of Lienid and is married to Queen Zinnober.

He had a sister named Ashen.

Graceling Edit

When first approached, he is under the spell of King Leck, who wanted him to make him the ruler of Lienid and give him his daughter, Bitterblue, back from Katsa. After Leck is killed and Ror realised what he has been doing , he is outraged. He offers Bitterblue protection and takes custody of her kingdom until she grows old enough to rule on her own.

Bitterblue Edit

King Ror is mentioned in Bitterblue as still helping his niece and being capable of providing her ships if she needed them for defending Monsea.