Lord Giddon


Early twenties (Graceling)






Arlend (twin brother)

Love Interest(s)


Lord Giddon is one of King Randa's underlords. In Graceling he asks Katsa to marry him and she declines, which leads him to believe she is in love with Po. Despite him at first considering Po his rival; the two become close friends and he is eventually revealed to Po's true grace.

In Bitterblue, Randa convicted Giddon of treason for his involvement in the overthrow of King Drowden of Nander and his support of the Council: stripping him of his title, land, and fortune; if he returned to the Middluns, he would be executed; and burning his estate to the ground.

While being comforted through his grief by Queen Bitterblue, it is discovered that Giddon had had a twin brother named Arlend, who--after being convinced to ride Giddon's unfriendly horse--fell from said horse and died. Giddon then expresses his wishes that Arlend had lived and won their father's estate instead, believing that Arlend would not had provoked Randa into burning down the estate.