Prince of Lienid
Vital Statistics
Full Name Prince Greening Grandemalion
Family King Ror (father)
Prince Silvern (fifth eldest brother)

Prince Skye (sixth eldest brother)
Bitterblue (cousin)
Queen Ashen (aunt)
Prince Tealiff (grandfather)
King Leck (uncle)
Queen Zinnober (mother)
Four unnamed older brothers

Age Nineteen or twenty (Graceling)
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color One silver, one gold
Height Unknown
Status Alive; blind
Grace Perception
Weapon/Skill Graced with perception
Allegiance Katsa
Appears Graceling
Po castle

Po's castle

Prince Greening Grandemalion (or simply "Po") is the seventh son of King Ror and Queen Zinnober of Lienid. His only other known brothers by name are Prince Skye and Prince Silvern.


He is initially believed to be Graced with hand fighting, but it is revealed that his true Grace is perception. He is able to sense the world around him and the thoughts of others, but only when they are directed at him. These senses come to him automatically and he has no control whatsoever with his ability. Po was forced to hide his Grace's true nature at an early age by his mother for fear that others would be tempted to use him for their own gain. Only his mother and his grandfather know his true Grace.

Po's Grace enables him to resist Leck's persuasion, making him the only person who is fully immune to Leck's Grace (other than Lady Fire in the prequel Fire).

He becomes blind as a result of his fall in Monsea. Upon embracing the full nature of his perception, it enables him to hide his blindness from all except Katsa and eventually evolves to a form of clairvoyance that gives him an omnidirectional sense of everything around him.


Physical AppearanceEdit

He is described as a dark haired young man of no more than nineteen or twenty years of age with sundarkened skin with one silver eye and one gold eye. His ears are pierced and he wears a pair of gold hoop earrings at all times and wears ten rings on his fingers. His upper arms are adorned with a pair of tattoos that he tells Katsa are meant to be found attractive, and to be seen only by the woman he will marry.