Prince Skye


Early twenties




Dark hair, gray eyes


King Ror (father)
Prince Silvern (brother)
Po (brother)
Queen Zinnober (mother)

Prince Skye is the second youngest prince of Lienid. During the events of Graceling, he was among the others in Po's castle to be confused by Leck. Afterwards he joins Katsa, Bitterblue, and King Ror to Monsea. He along with Katsa then move on to find Po, though he does not realize that Po's eyesight is gone. He visits him frequently while he stays in the cabin, the later attends Bitterblue's coronation. Duing the events of Bitterblue, it is revealed by Bitterblue that Skye prefers men hence why Ror never suggested a marriage.

In Graceling, Katsa saves Skye's life when an archer of Leck's mistakes Skye for Po. Skye then kisses Katsa on the forehead, jokingly promising to name his first-born child after her. In Bitterblue, Po reveals the truth of his grace to Skye, in which Skye replies by giving Po a black eye before leaving for the journey to the Dells as Lienid's ambassador. Giddon hopes that Skye will follow his model of "Punch Po; go on a long trip; feel better; come back and make up."