Queen of the Dells
Vital Statistics
Full Name Queen Roen
Family Brigan (Son)
Nash (Son)
King Nax (Husband)
Age Middle-aged
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color blue
Height N/A
Status Unknown (Presumed dead)
Grace None
Weapon/Skill None
Allegiance The Dells
Appears Fire

Roen is Queen of the Dells and widow of King Nax.

She has a child out of wedlock, Brigan, with Brocker. She often assumes a mother figure role for Fire.


She is first introduced when Archer and Fire go to her in need of more soldiers. She comments on the strange relation between them when they argue over another of Archer's love affairs. Later when talking, she warns that Nash and Brigan will both be problems with Fire  as Nash will fall in lust with her and Brigan will hate her on sight.

She is next seen talking to Brigan about the problems of the kingdom and scolds him out of worry that he might rebel, unbeknownst to either of them that Fire is listening to the conversation. She then goes to tell Brigan that the horse he is petting belongs to Fire and explains her faith that Fire is nothing like Cansrel.

She is plays no real important roles throughout most of the book, occasionally checking in on the goings on of the castle and is mentioned throughout the book. Near the end of the book, however, she plays a huge role in helping Fire out of her self pity by explaining that everyone has a role, whether they want to play it or not. She also reveals the secret to Brigan and Fire that Brocker was the father of Brigan and that their affair was what led to Brocker's punishment and banishment from the kingdom, as well as Brigan`s conception. Fire is at first taken aback by this but comes to accept it.

She is later seen arguing with Fire about the ownership of her house and expresses joy about Fire's relationship with Brigan. She is one of the many that attends the funeral of Archer.


Roen is a very loving person who was one of the very few to treat Fire with kindness and compassion. She plays a motherly role with Fire and tries to give her good advice and often tells her to stop worrying over trivial things and find enjoyment in life. She does not appear to be angered easily and puts up with the eccentricities of the people around them. She can however become exasperated easily when heavily emotinal discussions take place, like Brigan's hatred towards Fire or when Fire confronted her and Brocker about their affair. Her sympathetic and caring nature allows her to be friends with many she encountes.