This wiki is for information concerning the Graceling Realm series by Kristin Cashore. You can also interact with other users.

Major RulesEdit

  1. Do not bring drama over from another wiki or website.
  2. No sexuality-related discussions or things in that form.


Do not add any unnecessary categories.

If you are unsure of what a necessary category is, please contact an admin.

Chat RulesEdit

  1. No flooding. Flooding is the act of posting something repeatedly.
  2. No spam. Don't be telling people to join certain channels. You may do this in PM
  3. Absolutely no gibberish. Jgfghfkghfskjgshfkjghfj. That isn't cool.
  4. If you aren't active you cannot use Chat, and will be kicked off.


This is where you can comment on a User's creation.

  • No flaming, trolling, or vandalizing. If you do, you will be BANNED.


Pictures are allowed.

  • Any inappropriate pictures will be DELETED.

The following places are where pictures are allowed:

  • Article/article talk pages
  • User/user talk pages
  • You can make a subpage to your user page for pictures, and put them there

Rules for StaffEdit

  1. You must ask all the other Staff members for permission to give rights away, and half of the Staff members must agree as well. If you fail to do so your rights and the other persons rights will be taken away. This not not go for the founder, as she is this wiki's god....bow down to her (That is a joke...the bowing down part)
  2. If you do ban a user, you must leave them a message before you do so.
  3. All official wiki business must have an staff signature* put on it.Staff can miss two meetings in a row, if they miss more, actions will be taken.
  4. Chat Mods may not give others chat mod rights, nor can they kick for unnecessary, and/or for private matters and or feelings. This goes for banning as well.
  • An staff signature is a signature that an admin uses to show this is not a joking matter, and that it needs to be read, followed, and responded to.

User/User talk pagesEdit

User pages and user talk pages are places you personalize and make it your own.

  • User page rules:
    • No inappropriate content
    • No cursing
    • Do not give out your address or phone number.
  • User talk page rules:
    • No cursing directed at a user/the user in question
    • No personal attacks.


They have the ability to be personalized

  • It would be better if you include a link to your talk page, but is not necessary.