Vital Statistics
Full Name Runnemood
Family Rood - brother
Age 50-ish
Gender Male
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Height N/A
Status Dead
Grace N/A
Weapon/Skill N/A
Allegiance King Leck (under his grace)


Appears Bitterblue
Runnemood was an advisor to King Leck and later Queen Bitterblue, along with Thiel, Darby, and his own brother Rood. Runnemood's body had been discovered a while after he disappeared, and it was revealed that Thiel had pushed him off Winged Bridge in order to protect Bitterblue.


Runnemood's past is mostly unknown, though it shows in Bitterblue (Book), that Runnemood was a trained Healer, along with Thiel, Darby, and Rood. That was until Leck choose him as one of his advisers. Runnemood was involved in the cutting and raping of Leck's victims.

In BitterblueEdit

Runnemood is Bitterblue's adviser. He is very calm, and annoys Bitterblue with this. In the book he is the one to "Spit out" what Leck did to the girls, but, not what Thiel tells Bitterblue.