Sapphire Birch




One eye reddish purple, the other bluish purple, sunbleached brown hair and freckles


Stealing back things stolen by King Leck


Bren (sister)


Bitterblue City, Monsea - currently exploring the Dells


Giving dreams

Love Interest(s)

Queen Bitterblue

Sapphire Birch, also known as Saf, is a Monsean commoner raised by the Lienid. His parents were truthseekers during King Leck's reign, and his Grace showed when he was quite young. At the age of six months, they snuck him onto a Lienid ship in the hopes of saving his life. They died in the fight against Leck.

Saf returned to Monsea a few months before the events of Bitterblue, looking for his sister, Bren. He spent his time since then working with Teddy, Bren, and Tilda as part of the continued truthseeking campaign. His primary task has been stealing back the many things Leck stole.

During Bitterblue, Saf meets and develops a fractious relationship with the young queen, believing her to be a commoner as well. When he finds out that she is not, their relationship deteriorates and never fully recovers. At one point, he takes in a frazzled Bitterblue into the drawbridge tower, where he learns of Thiel's suicide. He lies with her through the night. At the end of the book, he leaves with the Dellian party to seek adventure elsewhere.