Character's Name
A specific title this character goes by. (For example: Graceling or Monster.)
Vital Statistics
Full Name The character's full name. (e.g. Queen of Nander, King of Wester, or Lady of the Middluns.)
Family Any known family.
Age The character's current age. If they appear in two books, add their ages for both books and format like this:
Age (Book)
Age (Book)
Gender Self-explanatory.
Hair Color Self-explanatory.
Eye Color Self-explanatory.
Height Self-explanatory.
Status Is this character alive or dead?
Grace If there is no Grace, simply put "none".
Weapon/Skill Any weapon with character uses, or fighting skill they posess.
Allegiance Who the charcter allies themself with.
Appears Every book this character appears in. Make sure to add the book in italics.

Brief Introduction; few details.


A biography of the character here, spanning any and all appearances in the series.

Personality and Traits

Details about the character's personality.


  • A list of interesting facts about the character and/or allusions to real-world events.


  • A list of the books in which the character appears or is mentioned.