aka Bianca

  • I live in The Dells
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is Future Actress
  • I am Female
  • BiancaDell

    About Me:

    I am what my friend and I call an obsessed Gracer. I will quote anything Graceling Realm related, most likely in every sentence. I have read all three books five times over and I'm starting Graceling again, Fire is my favourite because it is a completely different world to Graceling and Bitterblue and because Nash and Brigan are in it, they are my husbands so BACK OFF and Saf is my husband too, HANDS OFF OF HIM TOO.

    If you don't know the shipping names (of cause you don't, I made them up with my fellow obsessed Gracer)

    Katsa and Po = Patsa

    Fire and Brigan = Brire

    Bitterblue and Sapphire = Sapphitter

    Raffin and Bann = Braffinn

    Nash and Mila = Nila

    I would like you to know that Graceling might be made into a movie in 2014 so don't give you…

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